Characteristics of service

  • Access to WiFi Service Area Sitges is conditioned to the fact that users accept the conditions of use of the service, but must register in advance.
  • To meet the requirements imposed by CMT, and thus alter the market, the connection speed will be limited and so will VoIP applications (IP telephony and videoconferencing).
  • The service is geared to Internet browsing and, therefore, access to pages with content or services that can be considered ethically dubious is restricted.
  • The WiFi Zone Sitges has a schedule of providing different depending on its type from which carries out the connection.

To access the service from any WiFi zone with its Sitges you have a device (laptop, PDA, mobile phone …) WiFi connection and common web browser that is available to the antennas. Under these conditions you find the identifier of the service, select Area Sitges WiFi and connect to it. Once the connection, just open the browser and enter the address you want to visit and then open the portal home service area WiFi Sitges. Now you can enjoy the service !!

Please see more detailed manual for use of the service.